Meet the Founders

Jason Hewlett


Allen Roberds


Heidi Totten


Bud Heaton


The Promise Institute Team

We are 4 Dreamers who have collectively decided we are greater together than apart, with our areas of expertise.

As a group, we are certified in multiple areas of expertise, as coaches and trainers, having led humanitarian missions to Kenya, launched multi-million dollar online programs, award-winning teachers, Las Vegas performers, life-changing retreats, best-selling books, speaking hall of fame accolades, and donated thousands of hours in service to youth, leaders, and as mentors.

Collectively, there is no other group ever assembled with such variety of experience, expertise, training, and singular vision finally coming together to offer value at this level.

Who Are We?

Well, if you’re familiar with DISC you could spell us out this way:

D = Bud Heaton

I = Heidi Totten

S = Jason Hewlett 

C = Allen Roberds

(we are certified to train DISC, John Maxwell, and more, btw)

Our Promise is to add value and instill The Promise Culture into your Organization

We do so by facilitating workshops, assessments, and training of multiple varieties. Our flagship first-step is called The Leadership Game. 

Joined by your company’s Top Executives in an in-person (currently available in Utah only) or virtual Engagement Experience (available worldwide) to teach Promise values and assess your company’s strengths and areas of improvement.

I’ll let you in on a little secret about the dreams of the most successful people in the world: 

Successful adults dream about having influence, relevance, respect, acknowledgement, and becoming the type of Leader that is trusted with moral authority.

The Promise Institute guides your leadership team to create the Promise Culture, through online video training, courses, workshops, books, mentoring and coaching, masterminds, retreats worldwide, and much, much more.

Are you ready to begin? It all starts with assessing your Promise Culture with The Leadership Game. 

Click the button below to learn more about The Leadership Game and see if we can customize this amazing Engagement Experience for your team!