We Help Companies Make and Keep Promises That Drive Results

Because Promises Made & Kept Ultimately Lead to Extraordinary Results

We believe that the ultimate commitment you could make is The Promise you make to yourself to discover your purpose and gifts and share them with the world. Whether personally or professionally, we exist to instill the highest levels of engagement in you, your company, and how you Impact the world.

Our work will help you Magnify Your Signature Moves to elevate your organization’s culture to its highest level of engagement through The Promise. We call this “The Promise Culture” where your team comes together to Live the Promise to the One, the Family, the Audience, and ultimately live the Promise Impact.

The Promise Institute guides your leadership team to create the Promise Culture, through online video training, courses, workshops, books, mentoring and coaching, masterminds, and retreats both local and worldwide.

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What Is The Promise Culture?

If you ask any Entrepreneur, CEO or Manager “who is your Most Valuable Employee, someone you would never ever let go?” 

Every single one of them will always say the person who not only executes their job description, but who does what isn’t written or expected. 

The person who without being asked just knows what to do and they get it done, and then they do more. The person who goes so far beyond what they’re paid to do exceeding expectations.

The person who gives so much back it can’t be compensated. 

These people are the marrow of the company. 

Not necessarily the leader but the glue of the team. They keep everything together.

They are often overlooked, but aren’t interested in who gets credit, they just do all that needs to be done, and then does more. 

They are respected, beloved, revered, and someone you aspire to be like. 

Where are those people? Do you want that person to work with you? 

Every company needs at least one to succeed. As they say, “large doors swing on small hinges.” Even a large company can be greatly influenced with the grit, determination, devotion, and commitment of that one person. 

Imagine everyone as that person! Imagine a team of people who make and keep their Promises to themselves, their families (both at work and at home), and to your audience aka your clients.

That’s what The Promise Institute will Teach, Inspire, and Emphasize as we work to instill the Promise Culture In Your Organization.

When the Promise Culture is in your organization, everyone will get in that boat, buy in, grab an oar and row with all their might and ride to success. Together.

Our goal is to help you unlock that Promise Team Member and permeate that mindset throughout your organization. Inside the Promise Culture, you’ll quickly learn that every single team member, both at the front and the back of the organization, must learn to both lead and follow to work together to accomplish the company’s mission and vision.

We Instill The Promise Culture into Your Organization

The Promise Culture Inspires Your Team to
Live At A Higher Level Of Engagement...

We do so by facilitating The Leadership Game with your company’s Top Executives in an in-person (currently available in Utah only) or virtual engagement experience (available worldwide) to teach Promise values and assess your company’s strengths and areas of improvement.

We lead workshops to ignite greatness with each employee’s strengths with The ICM Process to Discover Your Signature Moves.

We take your team through additional Signature Move Assessments, such as DISC. Regardless of your prior experience with it, we facilitate training to help everyone become so familiar in DISC, that it will become a part of your vernacular, sales, communication, and leadership within your organization’s culture. It is not enough to simply say what DISC profile you are.

We lead your chosen participants on high-end Executive Retreats to locations worldwide, such as:

Jackson Hole, WY

Moab, UT

Park City, UT

Kenya, Africa

Each of these Leadership Retreats combines all elements of Promise Leadership & Culture, with training leading up to the retreat itself, as well as integrated throughout the experience on-site.

We help your organization implement and infuse The Promise IMPACT into your culture, which drives the humanitarian giving, donations, and service efforts for both local community and global transformation, possible only through your particular Promise Brand as a Company.

Ready to Explore How The Promise Culture Can Work In Your Business?

Discover how The Promise Engagement Experiences can elevate your business results and Magnify Your Culture. When you book a consult with us, we will explore your current situation and determine if The Promise Institute can work with you to instill the Promise Culture into your company, teams, and individual leadership. Click The Button Below To Schedule a Time With Our Team.