Every Legendary Leader Has Their
"Signature Move"

Only By Magnifying Them Can They Be Made Known to the World

Imagine you (your business included), magnified to the highest level possible. While that sounds scary, it’s really not. When the world tells you what you should be. Consider asking yourself instead, “how can you be yourself but magnified to the highest level possible?”

Far too often, people fall into the trap of “fitting in” rather than standing out and owning their amazing and powerful gifts, experiences, and perspectives.

Do you think Elton John “fit in?” How about Michael Jordan, Billy Joel, Jim Carrey, Kobe Bryant, Elvis Presley, or Martin Luther King? What about Jesus Christ? Each of these individuals took their Signature Moves and made a significant Impact upon the world.

Your Signature Moves Are What Allow You To Stand Out In A Sit Down World

When We Share Our Signature Moves We Are Keeping Our
Promise To The World As Only You Can

Simply put. Your Signature Moves are your Personal Brand.

It’s what you are known for.

If you were to leave the room, it’s what people say about you, remember you for, and how someone would perform an impression of you.

It is the reason you got the job, successfully started the business, or built the amazing company you have.

You rose to the top of the resumes, a competitive marketplace, because something in your personality, character, talents and skills shone through.

You are the only person who has ever existed on this planet with the wonderful combination of talents, gifts, skills and attributes which make up your unique Signature Moves.

Not to say you (or your company) are the only ones with your particular talents…you very well may have many of the same talents as the person in the office or business next to you…but you are absolutely unique and original due to the summation of your talents, experiences, perspectives, and willingness to share your gifts, which are your Signature Moves.

Have You Identified Your
Signature Moves?

If We Asked About Your Talents You’d Likely Struggle,
But If We Asked About Your Flaws, You Likely Couldn't Stop...

When we understand the power within ourselves that a Signature Move entails, it is our responsibility to lean into that Promise, to gift it to society and the greater community.

Those who hold back their Signature Moves are committing the greatest sin in all humanity, for each person was sent to this earth to not only discover their gifts, but to share them, and we will be held accountable in the great eternities for what we did with our Signature Moves.

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Every child is born with a specific DNA, genetic makeup, and some might say destiny. Yet, as each person comes into their own, through life experiences, philosophy and perspective, discovering they are blessed with tendencies to excel in certain areas, this is the creation of our Signature Moves. For most it happens naturally, and in the years of youth.

As we settle into the talents which become skills, we rely upon them to win friendships, succeed in sports, get a date, explore new avenues of our capabilities.

It is in the stretching of each talent, even the very risk of sharing, that we then receive either praise or critique, and in that moment, the tipping point of becoming a Signature Move occurs. We either share it forever more due to its success, or we hide it from the world, due to fear.

Into adulthood we expand upon the Signature Moves that have brought us the most praise, while learning of more avenues our gifts and skills take us down.

This is how we close the deal, land the job, cultivate the relationship, and create the lives we live.

Magnify Your Signature Moves

Watch Your World Change

It’s Time For You To Breakthrough The Barriers Of Your Own Broken Promises And Live At Your Highest Level

We see individuals and companies settle into our Signature Moves, in a level of mediocrity, that can also become a rut from which we cannot escape. Only because we allow it to become our self-perceived and often self-proclaimed identity.

This does not have to be.

So What Now?

The leader who is willing to assess their past & current Signature Moves, and whether they are serving them to achieve greater levels of success, or resting upon them to stay safe, will find the greatest levels of life’s enjoyment and happiness.

When we dive deep into The ICM (Identify, Clarify, Magnify) Process in order to Discover our Signature Moves, it is not so much to discover them for the first time, but rather to mine the field of what once was…those gifts we have hidden from sight, which must be brought back to the light.

The ICM Process is a re-discovery of that which one already knew of oneself.

It is also the cultivation of aspirations, dreams, hopes for what we wanted to become.

Signature Moves are not a permanent personality trait. Signature Moves can be created, magnified, and a persona which we take upon ourselves to create something new which was always there, yet no one knew it but you.

Signature Moves are aspirational in every sense of the word.

Look at The Artist, The Performer on a Stage – it is whatever you want to make of yourself!

And that becomes your Signature Move.

That thing for which you are known, revered, your legacy, a combination of gifts, talents, strengths, skills, yet also that which you aspire to attain, to Identify yourself with, have Clarified by others as unique to you, and Magnified as your Promise to the world which only you can bring.

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