Where Most People Set Goals...

We Invite
You To Make Promises.

A Promise is a Sacred Goal that will not be Broken. A force so powerful we will let nothing stand in our way to keep The Promise.

The Promise is one’s aspiration to live at the highest level possible in all categories of life. It is a commitment that becomes a behavior, a way of thinking and living, a philosophy rather than a program.

It is a methodology which ultimately drives us to strive for Legendary Leadership and unshakeable dedication to magnifying your Signature Moves to create and Magnify the ideal culture of your organization on a daily basis. Whether personally or professionally, the Promise is a new way of life to stand out in the vastness of normalized mediocrity.

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Remember The Promises You Made To Yourself As A Kid?

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The Promise is the Calling to become a Legendary Leader...

To Lead A Culture of Engagement and Promise Keeping
Both Personally and Professionally

To be fully present both as a parent and business leader.

To be forgiving of self.

To fully commit as a husband or wife.

To find your Promise Legacy and strive to live it. 

To find the light in the darkest of hours whether for yourself or others.

To fight for right when everything else is wrong.

To make an Impact on people who need your help.

To give more than you should because you can.

To fail on purpose in order to find the next level of success.  

To dig into your soul to question your reasons and convictions.

To put up the chairs at church when it’s not your responsibility.

To put the grocery cart in the corral when no one is watching.

To pick up that tiny piece of trash when many walk by carelessly.

To stay late because it’s needed. 

To get on the treadmill after a 12 hour day on stage.

To leave the TV and social media off in order to consume the good books.

To say hello and acknowledge the oft’ overlooked worker backstage.

What is Your Promise?

In a World of Broken Promises, Be The One Who Makes and Keeps Your Promises

Standing Out Becomes Easy When You Decide to
Live At A Higher Level Of Engagement...

When we are Living the Promise, we are careful in what times, places, and with whom we make a Promise, as over-commitment and under-delivery is the Achilles Heel of broken promises and broken businesses. 

The Promise in Business is proof we can be counted on, trusted, and will always keep the doors open due to the simple fact that we do what is right and everyone knows it. We are easy to work with and keep every commitment and deadline.  We go above and beyond any others in our category or chosen field of work. We work and live at a Promise Level.  

The Promise Business’ Loyal Customers sell the products of the business on their own, because they are Raving Fans, and the sales process is simple for any business that keeps The Promise.

The Promise Business’ Team Members stick around because they live, breath, and love the culture defined the business’ Legendary Leader who can lead from the front, follow their team-mates, and bring up the rear in any given situation. This Legendary Leader doesn’t care if they get the credit. Instead they ensure that the team thrives in their success and unlocks learning lessons through failures and frustrations.

The Promise Life is
One of Absolute Joy

The Promise is the highest order we can live in life, business, and spirit.

When you Live The Promise, you strive to make an Impact wherever you may be. In your home, on the road, or even in Kenya (Do you want to come to Kenya with us?). Though hardships come in this process, Promises push one to keep fighting, tinkering, and creating in order to continue the level of Joy life brings. This does not mean happiness at all times, as even in sorrow, there can be Joy.  The thief of Joy is the Broken Promise.  As long as Promises are made and kept, there is Joy in Life. 

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